The coffee
We are independent specialty coffee roasters.
if you would like to know what specialty coffee is, please GOOGLE „specialty coffee“.
But we would rather suggest: Try it.
We buy some of the worlds best green coffees (raw coffee) from some of the worlds best importers and farms. That’s pretty expensive, but we think it’s worth it. Our tax advisor might see this differently though. We roast coffee to get it from green beans to brown beans. From heyish to sweet. And fruity or chocolaty. From undrinkable to highly desirable.
In brief: We roast coffee to get it from dull to exciting.
We roast and brew espresso and filter coffee.
We roast and serve nothing but specialty grade Arabica coffee. Why?
Because we only want to offer coffees to our customers, that we want to drink ourselves.
We like good coffee. And good tea. But most importantly good people. So, please enjoy a cup of our coffee while thinking about the things you love, about life in general or the fact that coffee is a fruit. Or about nothing. Which we did, when we were writing this.

The crocodile
The best things in life make no sense at all.
Love. Music. Drinking. Laughing. Watching football.
That applies to our crocodile branding as well.
It’s not meant to represent anything in particular.
It’s just some little, weird drawing we fell in love with.
It’s about the freedom of making decisions that make no sense at all.
It’s about your imagination. And about making you smile.
Watch Designer/ Illustrator Jon Contino talking about the MVSM crocodile, his work for LaMarzocco, coffee in New York and about spitting out some water.