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What is "Specialty Coffee"?

Please google "Specialty coffee" - or give it a try. We are happy to assist you experiencing all the great flavours coffee has to offer.

Why is Specialty coffee more expensive.

It's not just much more effort. It's much more expensive to buy, too. Our green coffee costs roughly 3-5 times of the current global coffee market price. We serve 22gr as a Double shot. And we pay our Barista per smile.

Filter coffee or Espresso.

We love both. And we roast for both methods. And we make no difference roasting for espresso or filter. We believe that every coffee has that one sweet spot.

Why is coffee often so bad when it comes to fine dining restaurants?

We have no clue. If you do, please let us know. If you own a fine dining restaurant and serve bad coffee - please make us get rid of the FAQ.

Why do we sell whole bean only?

Roughly 60% of the aroma of a coffee gets lost within 15-20 minutes after grinding - still, 40% of a great coffee are better than 40% of a bad coffee. That is why we grind your coffee on demand when you buy a bag in one of our two locations.

Why do all Baristas wear Beards and Tattoos?

First of all - not all Baristas wear a beard - there are actually some female Baristas who don't - not even a mustache. Then again there are the tattoos. Let me put it this way: Coffee is a very complex topic and there are countless things you have to think about, when you're in Service. How is the recipe. The cupping notes, the grind size, the temperature, the customers wishes, the name of the landlords dog, the name of the landlords lawyer, the origin of the hot chocolate, you name it. So it's much easier to keep things in mind when you got them written down. And since it does not look very good to write down all the extrawishes, brew recipes or the name of the landlords laywer on your skin - personal things are written down on the forearm, the neck, the hands, etc. Since a barista is actually a human being with personal things and personality. So, basically we believe that tattoos just help to remember certain things. But maybe we are wrong - maybe there is something else behind it. Like lobbyists from the Ink-Industry or trying latte art on the skin instead of using milk? Who knows? But more importantly: Who cares?

Independent versus corporate.

We are a small, let's say tiny independent company. That is important to us. And it is important for our customers, too. Because being independent gives us the opportunity to make decisions which are about quality instead of quantity. It keeps us focused on thinking about coffee, not revenue or profit. Still, we like to get paid properly for what we do? And who doesn't like Italian Sports Cars.

Why is there such a hype around specialty coffee.

There isn't. there is just a hype around everything that's great. great music. great football. great restaurants. great books. (okay, books are not very hyped these days) - so it's just right that finally good coffee is appreciated. Finally people are not falling for george clooney ads that much - though they are still falling for george.